A Guide To Summer Beauty Trends

A Guide To Summer Beauty Trends

Organic make-up: you either love them, or you brush them off as overpriced packages. Whatever the case, we are here to tell you that organic makeup is a real gem for this summer. Today’s formulas are loaded with active ingredients, and, as such, are worth considering as a legit hydrating, illuminating, and refreshing step in your skincare routine. What else can get your skin plump and glowy in a matter of seconds – even after you’re wearing a full face of makeup? Bar an Instagram filter, absolutely not, that’s what. 

Modern make-up shouldn’t take three hours to apply. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that less is more, particularly in beauty terms. Minimal products that offer maximum impact are the smartest way to update your beauty look this season. If the objective is glowing, flawless skin and a defined eye in quick and easy steps, we’ve got you covered.

Face The Future

In the last year many of us have turned towards lighter foundations, concealers and complexion enhancers for the face which are quick and easy to use. Use a water based moisturizer to soothe your skin.

That “Glow from within” look  

We all need something to lighten our world right now, why not try something that will refresh your skin or add a glow in an instant from our favorite brands? Get some of the best organic primers, foundations and highlighters which still let your skin breathe.(We sure have something  that will help you achieve this coming up real soon) 😊

Make your eyes the focus

Wearing a face-covering has meant the eyes are really the place to add drama to your makeup look, whether it's going for extreme length lashes, a quick and easy to apply eye-liner or a bright eye shadow in an easy to apply color stick.

Get those attractive lips

We know, all your face is covered but, we gotta do what we have to. Pick your favorite lip shade and apply it on your lips and carry it wherever you go. Or try Tsara Liquid Lip Colors that  feel light weight and leave your lips hydrated throughout the day 😉. Shop Now !

If you are on a hunt for some beauty advice for this summer, we’ve got you covered. But, remember you are the prettiest in your own skin (we bet on that).

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