Since everyone is going green, let’s talk about natural, sustainable beauty and everything eco-friendly. Remember, even seemingly small, changes to your beauty routine can have a HUGE impact on the environment and our planet. Sustainability in beauty means that the work we do now- the resources we extract, the stuff we make- will not compromise people’s ability to do the same in the future.

Top Eco-friendly Beauty Routine Practices

  • Choosing cruelty free makeup

The importance of cruelty free makeup can’t be emphasized enough. Let’s get real for a second: it’s 2022 – there’s literally no reason why animal testing should still be a thing in the cosmetics industry. Encourage your friends and family to switch to cruelty free makeup. Sure, it can suck to have to change your favorite brand, but helping to put an end to cruel practices is well worth that temporary hassle. 

  • Using multi purpose products

Being intentional about the number of products you purchase will reduce the amount of packaging consumed, leading to less waste. You can try out a powder foundation instead of using separate foundation and powder products. Eyebrow pencils can also double as eyeliner, so there won't be the need to purchase and carry both. For your blushes, you can try a Tsara’s Universal Tints which seamlessly color your lip, cheeks and eyes.

  • Using a biodegradable makeup blender

Why choose a usual makeup blender when you can go for a bio- degradable blender. Tsara’s Gen G Blender is made with natural ingredients, including water, corn, a natural preservative, a natural pigment, and Bionanopol — a compound that makes the sponge biodegradable and compostable. All in all, it’s a short ingredients list that’s both natural and vegan, designed to respect skin as well as the planet.

  • Using eco-friendly makeup brushes

Look out for eco-friendly or makeup brushes made from recycled or organic materials such as bamboo. Try avoiding bristles made from real animal hair and instead replace them with vegan ones.

  • Avoiding single use products

No one can argue against the convenience of single-use beauty products. But saving a few seconds of your time comes at the expense of filling up landfills for years. Instead, for your own makeup artist kit, try going with multi-use items, such as reusable makeup wipes and silicone swabs. As a bonus, these will save you tons of money in the long run, too.

  • Checking for Eco Conscious packaging

Many brands are now doing their best to adopt a clean-green eco-friendly cosmetic packaging approach, using bamboo, paper, hemp and cloth. Tsara’s packaging materials are 100% reusable and recyclable.

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