Is cream based makeup the next big thing

Is cream based makeup the next big thing

Back in those days we were all about the glamorous shebang- heavy eyeshadow, a contoured face and a bold lip. However, now we are all about the no-makeup makeup look, investing our time, effort and money into skincare rather than makeup. This new preference for a bare low-key look is met with a changing preference toward cream-based makeup products, over the previously influential powder makeup products. 

Almost every cosmetic brand has or is launching a cream-based line of products, which are quickly becoming fan favorites. We have rounded up some reasons cream products have taken center stage in the beauty industry.

They are highly pigmented

Usually, these products are super pigmented so you don’t need to apply too much to achieve your desired look. A single swipe of the blush, contour, highlighter or concealer is enough.

Application is easy and quick

Cream-based products work brilliantly with your fingertips so you don’t even need to invest in any fancy brushes or sponges if you don’t want to. In fact, they actually work better with fingertips than with brushes.

They are easy to blend

It is so so so easy to blend and perfect for you if you are lazy like us, need a quick 5-minute makeup routine or are new to the glam world. It is a stress-free way to apply makeup, if you mess up, just blend more and the error becomes undetectable.

They are good for drier and mature skin

They blend so very easily and do not tend to sit on top. So they don't fill the fine lines and wrinkles, hence giving a glowy look to the face.

They keep the skin hydrated and leave a dewy glow

Instead of leaving your skin tired and dry, these products nourish your skin, leaving your face feeling fresh, moisturized and hydrated. Cream-based products are the go-to for that subtle soft-glamm.

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