Everything you need to know about your makeup blender !

Everything you need to know about your makeup blender !

There is no secret, a makeup blender can completely change your makeup game. Versatile and universally loved beauty blenders, a.k.a makeup sponges, hold a place of pride in the kits of makeup professionals and newbies. And for a good reason. 

These blenders are a pure gift when it comes to applying your makeup because they do not just blend the product seamlessly but also gives you flawless coverage in no time.

From your matte foundation to your cream blush, these blenders will take your makeup game up a notch. 

Check out how you can include this stellar makeup sponge in your daily routine.

Choose your sponge

With the variety of shapes and sizes available, it can be challenging to pick the one that works perfectly on your skin. Get Tsara’s Gen G Blender which can be used to blend concealer, set under eyes and sculpt your face. It is meant for all, a makeup professional as well as a newbie.

Wet  your sponge

Yes, you need to prepare your makeup sponge too. Before you apply your foundation, dampen your sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Never use dry sponge as it can lead to a patchy makeup application. Also the dry sponge absorbent and can soak up all the makeup.

Dab don’t drag

Use the dabbing motion and apply your base product to get a second skin like finish. Swiping a beauty blender over your skin takes all the effects away without layering on the skin. Dabbing creates seamless coverage without causing streaks and lines. Bounce the pointed part on the areas that can be difficult to blend, including inner eyes and the corner of your nose and keep the larger surface for cheeks and forehead. Don’t forget, less is more for the sponge, so start with a small amount and build accordingly.

Always clean your sponge

Once you ace your makeup look, it is time to clean your blender. All makeup fanatics know that it’s essential to clean the makeup sponge to avoid acne buildup. They are not only gross but also can hamper skin sensitivity.

Also, washing the blender is super satisfying!

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