In the past year, as the pandemic world was slowly moving from pause to play, we witnessed incredible women take charge and hustle their way to success. Some won laurels for the country in international sports, some went out of their way to lend a helping hand to those in need, and some took their business to greater heights. Irrespective of the challenges, they powered through with eyes set on the goal and were unstoppable in their ambitious quests. They reinvented and shaped their company/brand and the world for the better. They fit perfectly in the definition of a Power Woman—someone who is on a mission to make the world a better place.

The world takes note when a woman treads uncharted territories and makes it against all odds. It’s 2022 and the conversation around representation, diversity and self- acceptance has finally come to the forefront. People do not understand that there isn’t only one kind of boardroom in the world and that perfection is a myth. A major chunk of that credit goes to the women who have stormed into traditionally male- dominated boardrooms and put their point across for all.



“The thrill is to create your own path, your own memories and hopefully, your own legacy”. This is what some of the women entrepreneurs believe and they have truly been creating their own legacy and this can only happen when gender equality is more than a goal in itself . These women can bring us loads when they are called the “CEO of the company” and not the “female CEO of the company”.

So girls, follow your dreams, stay consistent and do everything you can do to achieve what you have set out for no matter what the odds are. #BreakTheBias and head towards creating a world free of biases and discrimination. A world where women are valued and celebrated. It's time we all ‘walk the talk’ starting from our homes to the places of work, to ensure that we become the catalyst of a culture shift that leads to the creation of a society that embraces “parity” “passion” and the right to “dream” for all.

-Sraddhanjali Tripathy

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