Chaos makes the muse: 6 ways to cope with work stress

Chaos makes the muse: 6 ways to cope with work stress

In today’s age of over achievements, competition and handpicked glossy moments of people’s lives highlighted on the internet and in reality, one is bound to feel a little insecure. This sense of insecurity weighs a bit heavy when it comes to work standards. If you’re someone who goes through something similar, just know that you’re not alone. Many of us go through different levels of insecurities when we come across people flaunting their perfect sales closing skills, sassy marketing tricks and crazy management power, unedited or edited. So, the next time you scroll/pass past a gleaming list of achievements of a co-worker or a friend, kick insecurities out by replacing them with confidence.

Change Your Story

Your perspective of stressful office events is typically a subjective interpretation of the facts, often seen through the filter of your own self-doubt. However, if you can step back and take a more objective view, you’ll be more effective and less likely to take things personally.

Prioritize Your Priorities

With competing deadlines and fast-changing priorities, it’s critical to define what's truly important and why. That requires clarity. It's important to understand your role in the organization, the company’s strategic priorities, and your personal goals and strengths. Cull your to-do list by focusing on those projects that will have the most impact and are best aligned with your goals.

Practice Self Love & Gratitude

Apart from external acts of appreciation for yourself, self-love can be practiced by gratitude. Start your journey of gratitude by being thankful for a body that functions in a healthy way and the mind that you’ve been blessed with naturally. Once you start counting your blessings, comparison induced problems that function on anxiety will be soon sidelined.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is proven to make your mind healthier, and infuse a feeling of confidence within individuals. Just like a skincare routine, daily exercise can boost your confidence and make you feel much more comfortable being your own self.

Talk To Your Friends

Surrounding yourselves with positivity is a must, and that’s when your friends and family can help. Open up about your insecurities and issues within a closed circle which makes you feel safe, and you’ll find motivation and positivity for answers. Let your reasons for all the insecurities lose with healing conversations, and you will see yourself feeling more confident being your own self.

Be Your Own Critic

Some 60,000 thoughts stream our mind each day, and internal negativity is just as likely to stress you out as an external event. The fix? Instead of being harsh and critical of oneself, try pumping yourself up. Encouraging thoughts will help motivate you to achieve and ultimately train you to inspire others.

P.s A pot full of coffee can also help.

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