Creating A Community - Our First Blog

Creating A Community - Our First Blog

We run on coffee, cakes and cosmetics 

Summed up in 3 simple words - coffee, cakes and cosmetics - the Tsara Blog will be all about the world of cosmetics dedicated to the makeup enthusiasts, coffee lovers and cake connoisseurs

 We’ve all started from scratch, from understanding what our skin likes and building our makeup routines. During our internal discussions on what should be published on our blog, the one point we always came back to was how each of us started our skincare journey versus where we are today. So how can we not incorporate that in our blog? 

With that in mind, instead of writing about what new trend is taking over the beauty industry, we’ll speak about the basics of skin, skincare, makeup, ingredients and more!

We’ll keep it clean (like our products) and simple for everyone to understand, going back to the roots before we spread our branches. 

So come one, come all; on this journey to simplify the vast world of skincare & cosmetics, one baby step at a time - helping each other, supporting each other and teaching each other the ins and outs of skin care, cosmetics and makeup. 

Just know this - we will not retire until we’ve got our way and our makeup box!

Virtual hugs and kisses 

~Team Tsara

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