We can all agree that TikTok is the birthplace of some of the best (as well as the weirdest) beauty trends. This time, “anti-mascara” is sweeping out For You pages with more than four million viewers on the hashtag and counting. 

While you might assume that the new trend involves ditching your mascara altogether, anti-mascara is actually all about embracing it, just not in the way you might expect. In fact, the key to the look is using mascara to create a statement makeup look and you might find yourself wearing more of the stuff than ever before, and not just on your eyelashes.

Traditionally, mascara is applied to the eyelashes to add volume, length and definition. That's pretty much where the story begins and ends. Anti-mascara is pushing the boundaries of mascara, applying it to the eyelids, temples and cheeks to create painterly patterns and unique textures that are able to elevate an everyday makeup to something pretty spectacular. 

We are in love with this trend as it promotes multi-use and multipurpose use of makeup products which leads to sustainability. Talking about multipurpose makeup, don't forget to try Tsara's new launch of multipurpose Universal Tints & Universal Glow Balms. These tints can be used to color your cheeks, lips and eyes. The balms can be used on high points of the face- cheek bones, cupid bow, brows and nose. Mix and layer the tints & balms to get a glowy and dewy look.

It might sound unconventional for makeup products to be called multi purpose but the experimentation and creativity are to be celebrated. We're especially fond of this trend because it allows people to use existing makeup products.

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