It begins with revering nature!


Like every woman, I too have been a constant consumer of beauty products since my teenage years. But my quest and understanding went a little deeper. I am passionately interested in the subject and a chemical engineer by profession. With first-hand experience of handling chemicals and knowing how toxic they can be, I always looked deeper into every label of beauty products that I ever used. My personal quest for finding what’s best for my skin, led to the creation of Tsara - an uncompromising commitment to creating all natural, eco-friendly and absolutely safe for skin range of beauty products.

"Tanisha Varalwar"

Nature takes time, but it's always worth it

It's time taking to work along with nature and ensuring that no shades are created using even a hint of inorganic ingredients. Which is why our range of offerings are limited by nature and every addition needs painstaking effort and time to be perfected as per nature’s design. We do this only to ensure that when you touch a Tsara product, it’s worth it.